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Accountability Counseling

Family Life is committed to helping individuals and families learn relational skills, develop healthier attitudes, and create solutions.

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FLSE does not prescribe or diagnose. We help people achieve greater self-awareness and learn how to solve problems from an educational perspective.

Family Life Science Education's practices are evidence-based, participatory, and empowering. Every person, family, and community has strengths. However, unresolved conflict, trauma, fear, lack of positive communication, and emotional dysregulation often create situations that bind people into patterns of thinking and behaving that result in negative outcomes. We partner with individuals, families, and communities as educators and accountability partners who are skilled in building competence and confidence. FLSE provides the support and expertise needed to plan and accomplish positive change.



Individual, Group, and Zoom Options are Available.
Court-Mandated clients are welcome.

FLSE offers affordable options. Insurance is not accepted.
Billing is allowed for individuals who are receiving financial assistance from the courts or an agency.



Intakes are free. An assessment is required for all services. The assessment identifies the issues and goals and is essential to creating a plan that achieves solutions.


Anger Management 
and Violence Intervention

All anger management and violence intervention sessions address the connections between thoughts, behaviors, trauma, triggers, and reactions. Solutions, corrections, and plans are developed each goal.

Completion certificates are available.


Accountability Counseling
Family and Couple Counseling

In accountability counseling, families and couples define roles and set goals, develop plans to function as a unit, address issues that stunt progress, and identify strengths that are needed to achieve results.

Accountability Counseling is also available for individuals at $30 per session.


Professional Workshops

Professional workshops about family violence, domestic violence, sexual violence, and violence recovery are available.

Price is per 60 minutes.

Discounts are available.



Need to brainstorm possibilities, check for bias, explore more options. Let's talk about it. This service allows you to have a constructive conversation with a Certified Family Life Educator.

Price is per 30 minutes. 

Discounts are available.


10-minute Information Session

Need questions answered before you make a decision, need a meet and greet before moving forward, this service is for you.



Lead Family Life Educator
and Domestic Violence Professional

I am an Illinois Certified Domestic Violence Professional. I received a M.S. in Family and Consumer Sciences and a MA in English (with an emphasis in therapeutic creative writing). I am certified by the National Council on Family Relation as a family life educator and by the National Anger Management Association as an anger management specialist.

I know for a fact that people are capable of change at any age, young or old. If the person is willing and ready, accomplishing significant change is just a matter of identifying the motivators and sustainers and putting the proper internal tools in action.



54-year-old client

 "She's a great listener. She helped me hear what I was really saying. I figured out how I was causing some of my own problems."

24-year-old client

 "She helped us create a plan, work the plan, now me and my family are communicating more effectively."

37-year-old client

"Medication was a last resort for me. Sol helped me sort out what was really bothering me and helped me find resources that align with my values."

18-year-old client

 "I was in a bad place. Now I know how much control I have over how I feel and what I think! I don't blame people for my reactions anymore."


Convenient. Affordable. Effective.

All FLSE services are approved by a Certified Family Life Educator certified by the National Council on Family Relations.

All anger management services are provided by a trained facilitator certified by the National Anger Management Association.

All violence intervention and domestic violence classes are taught by a certified domestic violence professional or trained domestic violence advocate.

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