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Family Life Science Education

Family Life Science Education is committed to helping individuals and families learn relational skills, develop healthier attitudes, and create solutions.

FLSE does not prescribe or diagnose. We help people achieve greater self-awareness and learn how to solve problems from an educational perspective.

Relationship education

Let Family Life Science Education help you resolve family and relationship issues.

Relationship Education can help you learn to think (not act) through problems more effectively, create fair and balanced solutions, and communicate with clarity.

Anger management

There are some reactions that should (should) be unacceptable. Whenever we think we have the right to dominate people and force them to do things our way, or punish them because they did not do things our way, we are in very dangerous mental territory. Pushing people around emotionally and physically is not necessary, regardless of how much we try to justify it.

We can use all the power we have been exerting to control others to control ourselves. We can learn to listen, learn to let go, learn to not think about everything as either a win or a loss. We can stop the cycle of living in the margins and responding with extremes.

FLSE Abuse Intervention Services can assist you in understanding how you are contributing to the drama of your own life, we can help you identify how your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are fueling the rollercoaster and accelerating the danger, and we can assist you in decreasing your risks, reducing your injuries, and become a safer person to be in a relationship with, a safer person to love.

Abuse Intervention

Some of us grew up in households that did not have any healthy conflict resolution skills. Yelling, cursing, and violence were acceptable forms of communication. And in some of our homes, people believed: the closer people are to you, the worse you can treat them.

There is a better way. We can learn (learn) to be respectful, accountable, take responsibility for our feelings and actions, and develop skills that will help us to stop abusing others, threatening them, and upsetting ourselves and our families.

If you have ever been arrested for domestic violence, feel misunderstood, and believe that if everyone could just see things your way, then everything would be better: FLSE Abuse Intervention Services can help you shift your perspective, decide which changes you need to make, then plan and practice how to be a more balanced and successful you.

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