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From darkness to light with Family Life.

Need questions answered before you make a decision, need a meet and greet before moving forward, this service is for you. 

An assessment is required for all services. The assessment identifies the issues and goals and is essential to creating a plan that achieves solutions.

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Anger Management and Abuse Intervention Education

FLSE Anger Management and Abuse Intervention Education can assist you in getting control over your intentional and unintentional anger. We can help you explore the connections between your trauma, triggers and reactions, and assist you in identifying how your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and behaviors are fueling your anger and influencing you to use your power to control others. 

An Anger Management Educator will guide you through the process of becoming more accountable, increasing your emotional intelligence and empathy,  developing solutions, practicing corrections, and creating behavior plans that will help you achieve your goals. 

Customized curriculums and completion certificates are available. Court-mandated clients are welcome. 

Relationship Education

Some of us grew up in households that did not have any healthy conflict resolution skills. Yelling, cursing, and violence were acceptable forms of communication. And in some of our homes, people believed: the closer people are to you, the worse you can treat them.

There is a better way. We can learn (learn) to be respectful, considerate, take responsibility for our emotions and actions, and develop skills that will help us to stop making life miserable for ourselves and others.

A Family Life Educator will coach you the process of becoming a more patient  listener, a more flexible thinker, a better communicator, and a more capable problem-solver.

Customized curriculums and completion certificates are available. Court-mandated clients are welcome. 

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Community Issues Workshops

FLSE Community Issues Workshops assists communities with discussing issues such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and delinquency. 

FLSE accepts invitations from municipalities, social service organization, churches, and community stakeholders. We will assist you with providing research and presentations, facilitating guided conversations and active-listening sessions about topic-specific discussions to assist your community in having constructive information sessions about community issues. 

Family Life Workshops

Families have their issues too. Sometimes these issues are especially potent when people have moved into the zone where familiarity itself breeds contempt. Family problems can destroy familial bonds and leave individuals feeling abandoned and severely injured.

Fortunately, families can heal. FLSE conducts guided conversations, active-listening sessions, and topic-specific discussions to assist families in creating and accomplishing shared goals. 

Workplace Abuse Intervention Workshops

Internal strife, family problems, issues in personal life, negative coping skills, and bully behavior sometimes these matters show up in the workplace. Regardless of how much it has been justified, normalized, or tolerated, if co-workers, supervisors, or clients are complaining about workplace behavior urgency is required.  

FLSE assists employers and employees with determining core issues, adjusting attitudes, creating and practicing corrective action plans, and developing prosocial behaviors that help improve workplace relations.

Workshop rates vary. Rates begin at $100 per hour.


54-year-old client: "She's a great listener. She helped me hear what I was really saying. I figured out how I was causing some of my own problems."

37-year-old client: "Medication was a last resort for me. Sol helped me sort out what was really bothering me and helped me find resources that align with my values."

24-year-old client: "She helped us create a plan, work the plan, now me and my family are communicating more effectively."

18-year-old client: "I was in a bad place. Now I know how much control I have over how I feel and what I think! I don't blame people for my reactions anymore."