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Help the people who have helped you.

Network Acknowledgment

Family Life Science Education recognizes the value of partnerships and collaborations. Cruthchfield and McLeod Grant stated in their book Forces for Good that "High-impact nonprofits work with and through other organizations, and they have much more impact than if they acted alone." 

Family Life Science Education supports agencies with missions that improve the lives of families. And FLSE is particularly moved by the needs and concerns of staff at agencies that provide domestic violence programming, family wellness services, and community safety. 

For more information about partnerships, referral arrangements,  and linkage agreements, please complete Network Query Form.

Staff Support Award

The Staff Support Award celebrates working adults who provide direct service as unpaid interns or entry-level staff whose invaluable contributions are undercompensated.  

The Barbara Hassie Award

The Barbara Hassie Award recognizes Illinois domestic violence advocates whose actions demonstrate outstanding qualities of courage and commitment in the fulfillment of advocacy duties.

The Amirrah Abou-Youssef 

Gift Giver Award

The Amirrah Award is an appreciation award for domestic violence advocates who perform hotline and caseworker duties in domestic violence shelters. Shelter and Hotline staff sacrifice their time and their emotional and knowledge funds for the well-being of others. Though the work is always impactful and appreciated, it is sometimes thankless. Thus, the Amirrah Award is a self-care award for the gift givers, the workers who give so much of themselves. This award also honors the life and legacy of Amirrah's father, Veterinarian Mamdouh Abou-Youssef, DVM, who understood the power and importance of the emotional bond between humans and their pets, and the tremendous role that beloved pets play in restoring the human spirit and assisting with self-care.