Family Life Skin Care

Take your skin care/self-care seriously.

Family Life Skin Care Education

Family Life Science Education (FLSE), a 501(c)3, plans to officially launch two new brands during June 2023: Family Life Skin Care (FLSC) and Skin So Sol.

Family Life Skin Care is focused on skin care education. Consider FLSC the educational arm of the Family Life Science Education brand.

Skin So Sol is focused on skin care delivery. Consider Skin So Sol the esthetics service delivery arm of the Family Life Skin Care brand.

Family Life Science Education is excited about this announcement and is looking forward to the launch of these two self-care promoting programs.

Skin So Sol 

Skin Care Services

Skin So Sol will offer affordable skin care services at a price point that is sustainable with the goal of skin care being fully integrated into your budget and lifestyle.

Skin So Sol will also offer special discounts to Blue Island police officers, fire fighters, EMS personnel, and teachers. 

And as Family Life Skin Care expands and licensed estheticians come on board, their names will be placed after the “Skin So” tag, for example, Skin So Judy. So if you know an Illinois licensed esthetician interested in providing affordable, high-quality skin care, please contact me at: